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Posted 23 Dec 2014

12 Days of RPS Christmas

We have this tradition in my family that none of us like. Okay, we all secretly love it and wait all year long for it. I guess that’s probably normal when you gather that many people into one house at Christmas time. Countless emotions from start to finish.

Anyway, we get into this grand circle and each immediate family is assigned one of the 12 Days of Christmas. The rules are as follows:

  1. Don’t miss your day.

  2. Sing it like you mean it.

And we do it every year because Christmas is for making the best kinds of memories with the best kinds of people. We’ve all heard a variety of versions of the classic Christmas tune, but I have never seen it so beautifully portrayed as in these hand drawn pictures showing what the 12 Days of Christmas looked like through the creative eyes of Cindy Sutt.

Randy pulled out these dainty drawings turned precious memories and we couldn’t let Christmas Day pass without you seeing some of the magic that the Rock Paper Scissors founder created.

Merry Christmas to you!

Catherine and the RPS Family


Posted 05 Mar 2013

A Grandfather’s Legacy Becomes an Uncommon Brand

Rock Paper Scissors is pleased to announce that UncommonGoods is featuring their client’s newly branded artwork, Stamp Map USA, in their online catalogue of unique treasures from around the world.

Kevin Peskin, who lives in Roswell, inherited a unique piece of art created by his grandfather, Milton Schultz. Inspired by his grandfather, Kevin grew up collecting stamps and has always treasured a map of the United States that Milton created in 1970 using state stamps, ranging from 1926 to 1969, which are distinguished in a variety of ways—statehood anniversaries, centenary, tercentenary, national landmarks, memorials and events. For a number of years Kevin considered how he might reproduce the map so that others could enjoy its beauty and significance. Last year, he turned to Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) to help him launch his dream of Stamp Map USA.
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Posted 28 Nov 2011
Screen shot of the home page for

Bunnybees, Mother Cabbage and, or course, Cabbage Patch Kids

I am proud to admit that I had 3 Cabbage Patch Kids when I was a little and I know where they are to this day! I even found one of the birth certificates this past summer. And growing up in Georgia, I had the privileged of visiting Babyland General on many occasions. If you do not know what I am talking about you are either too young or had your head buried in the sand in the 80s.
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Posted 06 May 2011

In the Spotlight: Barefoot in the Park Fine Art Festival

For those of you who might not know, 7 years ago our very own Randy & Cindy Sutt were founding creators of Barefoot in the Park, fine arts festival on the Duluth Town Green. Who knows why they decided that they needed to help start another non-profit organization, but we are all glad that they have, and we have all enjoyed being a part of this event, watching it grow and expand every year.

Check out what Rock, Paper, Scissors has contributed in the re-branding of the now Metro-Atlanta, annual fine art festival – our 7th year of sponsoring this event! And even better, actually come to the event May 6-8 {a.k.a. Mother’s Day Weekend! The perfect activity for your favorite lady!}

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