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Meet the team that is making it happen every day:
Creative Generators
Cre•a•tive Gen•er•a•tor
[kree-ey-tiv jen-uh-rey-ter]
By breaking down how each term is interpreted, it forms the building blocks that we have conceived as the idea of the Creative Generator. Being creative is the act in which something is created, called into being, conceived or even conjured, usually in a fashion that is perceived as clever. A generator is a machine, computer, person, being, etc. that converts, produces, forms, originates, causes, hatches or spawns something into being. Therefore, the Creative Generator is the agent that allows one to be creative – but this is the simplified translation. The Creative Generator was called into existence to serve a purpose. It can be as big or small as the user needs or perceives it to be. It does not exist as something that can be seen, smelled, tasted, touched, heard or even felt. It is something that remains, whether used or not, waiting for the need for creation. Some call it a feeling of knowing, others a sounding board to the perfect solution; whichever way it is seized, it is the place where greatness is harvested.
At Rock Paper Scissors, we are a team of Creative Generators who create fresh and innovative ideas rooted in a solid business mindset. We inspire growth through creative branding, content marketing, and web design solutions that increase visibility and brand engagement for our clients.

Extra curricular

We draw inspiration from all places– high, low, and everything inbetween.
Check out our favorites below!

Stuck in Atlanta traffic? Try one of these. Whether we're passing the time driving to a client meeting or curious about something new, we're probably reaching for a podcast. They're a great way to learn about the world around us or to decompress.


We love a good story! They come in all shapes and sizes, from novels about George Washington's latrines to children's books with lessons about not eating classmates. We've basically started a small library. Here are a few of our favorites.


Whoever said 'learning only happens in classrooms' is working harder and not smarter. We believe that the most valuable learning happens when we're enjoying it. Once a month, we learn together at Game Night! Check out what we're playing!