We live in a digital world that is changing everyday, and on a good day it feels chaotic. But the truth is that even though many people think the best creativity comes out of chaos, it actually comes from space to explore and curiosity. In the three decades that we have been serving clients, we have developed a process that allows for both space and curiosity for our creative team to learn about our clients, and for our clients to explore who they are and what they want to become. It is through this structure that we can build brands and marketing campaigns that are a true reflection of our clients and builds a real and honest connection with an audience. Once we join forces and start co-creating to better your brand, you’ll see why we offer a unique approach you won’t find anywhere else.
Brand Immersion

You won't know everything about someone after your first date. The same is true for agencies learning about new clients. We need to know who you are and where you are going before we begin building your brand and crafting messages. To speed things up, we start with Brand Immersion.

The best relationships have open communication and Brand Immersion helps us establish that. We need to know your story -- the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty -- and learn where you've been, where you're currently sitting, where you want to go, and your goals for the future. With this information in hand, we can more fully grasp what makes you stand out from the crowd and are better able to tell your story.

Services: Audience Profiles Workshop | Brand Personality | Values Workshop | Website Audit | SEO Audit

Brand envisioning

Once we know where you are, we get to talk about the journey we will go on together through Brand Envisioning; a process that helps Define Your Audience, Refine Your Brand, and Spot and Seize Opportunities to Grow (and we LOVE opportunities!)

The goal of Brand Envisioning is to use our findings from Brand Immersion as we collaborate on the vision of your brand to create something that is a true reflection of who you are that is both scalable and sustainable. As we begin to shape what the brand will be, your expertise and experience are critical to our creative process. We want to zero in on the characteristics that best represent you.

Services: Marketing Plan | Logo Development | Brand Standards | Photography | Websites | Video

Brand realization

Brand Realization is where the work put in during Brand Immersion and Brand Envisioning comes to life. Through this process, we put our 30-plus years of experience to work, developing strong branding and marketing programs that deliver long-term results by integrating our experience, creativity, and technology and inspiring growth through creativity.

Brand Realization may look a lot like the services that you see on creative agencies’ websites. However, now that you have followed us through Brand Immersion and Brand Envisioning, can you see why if we do not put that work in up front, we are not building a brand that is a reflection of you and meets your audience where they are? If you skip the first two steps, you are guessing and oftentimes, building a brand that looks like everyone else’s. At Rock Paper Scissors, we are a group of overachievers and it is not in our makeup to deliver anything short an exceptional brand.

Services: Ad Campaign Strategy | Catalog Design | Consultation & Virtual CMO | Custom Web Applications | Email Marketing | Local Search | Marketing Collateral | Media Planning & Buying | Package Design | Public Relations | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | Signage | Social Media Campaigns | Tradeshow Design | Web Design & Development | Website Analysis


Being a business owner is no easy task. We know from experience that trying to keep up with marketing your business, handling payroll and cash flow, and managing employees can become overwhelming and exhausting. Fortunately, we also know from experience how beneficial it can be to have someone on your side to help you talk through those aspects of running the business. That’s where our Business Coaching services come into play.