About Us

Rock Paper Scissors copper sign

We develop strong branding programs that sustain long-term results through the integration of our experience, creativity and technology. We inspire growth through creative solutions that increase visibility and profitability for our clients.

Our branding, design, and web development experience is diverse. Over the years, our award-winning team has worked with a variety of industries and organizations. This level of experience gives us a broad insight into what consumers and businesses are looking for.

Rock, Paper Scissors is well suited for growing businesses that want to step-up their game, and start-up ventures that need a solid foundation. Our nimble response to client needs, and keen sense of changing trends in the marketplace and technology, has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients’ long-term success. We are a team of inspired individuals who bring fresh ideas based on solid business sense to all of our projects. This is one reason our clients keep coming back.

Rock, Paper, Scissors was founded by Cindy Sutt, President and Creative Director, and has been providing branding and creative services, to clients across the Southeast, for over 25 years.  RPS  is located in Northeast Metro Atlanta, and has grown over the years from a one-station design studio to a full-service marketing, design, web development and video production group. Go to our team page to find out more about us.