At Rock Paper Scissors, we are a team of creative generators and pride ourselves on developing fresh ideas based on solid business sense.

We create strong branding and marketing programs that sustain long-term results through the integration of our experience, creativity, and technology. We inspire growth through creative solutions to increase visibility and brand engagement for our clients.

One night over a glass of beer…

Rock Paper Scissors was founded by Cindy Sutt and has been providing branding and creative services to clients across the Southeast since 1986. Rock Paper Scissors is located in Northeast Metro Atlanta, and has grown over the years from a one-station design studio to a full-service marketing, design, and web design group. Go to our team page to find out more about us.

We seek partners, not just clients, because we know that collaboration is the name of the game when creating a successful marketing campaign. We are doers, discoverers, explorers and creators and find that the strongest brands come out of working together.

Meet the Staff

Our experience is diverse. Over the years, our award-winning team has worked with a variety of industries and organizations. This level of experience gives us a broad insight into what consumers and businesses are looking for, allowing us to build brands and marketing campaigns that help our clients connect with their audiences where they are.