Using Our Powers For Good

We are a team with many talents and we believe that our skills are best put to use when we share them with the world. We are using our powers for good to make our lives, communities, and the world a better place, to add beauty, build stronger relationships, and help tell stories that inspire.

Extra curricular

Give Back

We love where we live! We're proud to be OTP!! Our community has given us so much and we want to keep passing that back. We're a team of people who believe in leaving the world better than we found it, and it all starts with committing to improve one small thing. We collaborate and support wonderful partners, who are making it happen on the ground every day.


All work and no play means it's not RPS! Whether it's puzzles, a board game, or good old fashioned tag, every game requires a little bit of strategy. We learn best through experiences, and you might as well laugh while you're at it.

Run Club

Sure, some companies offer gym memberships and some even have a gym on site, but exercising isn't nearly as fun if you're doing it alone. Here, we have the RPS Run Club, our Wednesday and Friday afternoon meetings where we all head out to pound the pavement together.