Candra Nebiker

What do you get when you take an Auburn girl and add her to an office with with a die-hard UGA fan and two Alabama grads? A very interesting SEC football season at RPS now that we’ve added Candra to the team! As a mom of two boys, Candra knows life can get crazy but she takes it all in stride with a super chill attitude, which comes in handy in her role as Account Coordinator as she makes sure projects get up and running smoothly. Outside of the office, Candra is all about family and exercise, and loves being outdoors, either jet skiing on Norris Lake, TN or crabbing at Folly Beach, SC. She’s also a lover of red wine, so if you’re looking to try something new she’s happy to offer a recommendation.

Candra joined the Rock Paper Scissors team in June 2018. She has more than 25 years of experience in the Marketing & Advertising industry in a variety of roles. Candra has been on the creative side, designing everything from corporate brochures to web banners. She has trained groups in areas such as graphic software, processes, and design theories. Candra’s desire to have things organized and running smoothly led her to the role of project coordinator, where she maintained great communication between clients and stakeholders.

Candra is thrilled to be with RPS as an Account Coordinator, and enjoys contributing to the building of strong client relations. According to Candra, “It feels great being a part of a place with such a strong sense of purpose. And wow, RPS runs a tight ship. This place is super organized!”

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