Michelle Drehoff

If you hear someone “ohh-ing” and “ahh-ing” over paper samples, don’t be alarmed. That’s just Michelle’s excitement over the newest options from one of our vendors. When she’s not thumbing through to find the perfect paper for your stationery package, she’s busy coming up with new ad concepts and branding materials that will make the competition wish they were as good as you. Michelle also has a shoe collection that rivals most Hollywood celebrities, was a collegiate gymnast, and is a former semi-pro baseball mom. She’s also our resident in-house nutrition consultant and is all about the essential oils, so if you have an ailment, she can tell you which oil will fix it.

Michelle Drehoff is our Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer. Her first degree is in marketing, but the desire to do more creative work led her to The Art Institute of Atlanta where she earned a degree in graphic design. The combination of experience in graphic design and marketing gives Michelle the ability to design with the end market in mind, as well as how exceptional design can solve problems when the appropriate goals and objectives are established upfront. Michelle’s passion lies in creating authentic branding that will resonate with the target audience. She always looks forward to helping clients find the best design solutions to elevate their businesses to the next level.

Outside of the office, Michelle serves as a community coach for the Lambert High School Gymnastics Team. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Dean, son and daughter-in-law, Jake and Tori, and daughter, Paige, and traveling to visit their extended family.


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