Rock Paper Scissors is pleased to announce that UncommonGoods is featuring their client’s newly branded artwork, Stamp Map USA, in their online catalogue of unique treasures from around the world.

Kevin Peskin, who lives in Roswell, inherited a unique piece of art created by his grandfather, Milton Schultz. Inspired by his grandfather, Kevin grew up collecting stamps and has always treasured a map of the United States that Milton created in 1970 using state stamps, ranging from 1926 to 1969, which are distinguished in a variety of ways—statehood anniversaries, centenary, tercentenary, national landmarks, memorials and events. For a number of years Kevin considered how he might reproduce the map so that others could enjoy its beauty and significance. Last year, he turned to Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) to help him launch his dream of Stamp Map USA.

Stamp Map Co Founder“I had an idea and a vision for replicating the map,” says Kevin, “but I didn’t know exactly how to get it done.” Friendly with Jonathan Sheer, Director of Business Development for RPS, Kevin mentioned his idea of marketing the map online to Jonathan, who, in turn, led him to the creative team.

With today’s technology, duplicating a 24” x 36” piece of art might seem simple enough, but maintaining the beauty and integrity of the original while keeping costs under control required expertise. “We worked directly with our printer to gain suggestions for print stock that would enhance the artwork,” says Amanda Sutt.   “Once we narrowed down paper options, we also researched ink coverage samples for all of the papers that were suggested to Kevin so that he could get a feel for the final product.” Considerations included the hue of the paper (both parchment white options were chosen), the preservation coating, and frames.

“It was great to work with an agency that appreciated the entrepreneurial client who has unique ideas that are close to the heart and not mainstream,” says Kevin. “I didn’t have a giant budget, but they never made me feel like I was just a side project.  They always had time for me, and the process was definitely collaborative. I had a vision, and Rock Paper Scissors came back to me with direction.”

In addition to assisting Kevin with copyrighting and packaging, RPS also developed his storefront—a website with a shopping cart.  Seeking a straightforward e-commerce platform, RPS recommended Shopify, a turnkey operation.  “Amanda worked with me to help me learn the system, which is extremely user-friendly,” says Kevin.

Stamp Map WatermarkJust months after launching, Stamp Map USA is gaining interest among major retailers, including UncommonGoods.  Known for their unique, high-quality merchandise, the online seller offers the map both framed and unframed.

No matter where Stamp Map USA goes from here, Rock Paper Scissors is honored to have played a role in helping Kevin Peskin make such a special tribute to his grandfather.

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