For those of you who might not know, 7 years ago our very own Randy & Cindy Sutt were founding creators of Barefoot in the Park, fine arts festival on the Duluth Town Green. Who knows why they decided that they needed to help start another non-profit organization, but we are all glad that they have, and we have all enjoyed being a part of this event, watching it grow and expand every year.

Check out what Rock, Paper, Scissors has contributed in the re-branding of the now Metro-Atlanta, annual fine art festival – our 7th year of sponsoring this event! And even better, actually come to the event May 6-8 {a.k.a. Mother’s Day Weekend! The perfect activity for your favorite lady!}

Since the inception of the event, RPS has been aiding in any and all graphic support from application to signage to ads. This year was no different expect that our contribution more than double with the re-branding and introduction of the new feathered mascots!

With the new mascots in the office, we soon discovered that they were very curious about all of the graphics we were creating and that they liked to be in the spotlight…

… then they wanted to see the website and noticed that they were not on it. Come to find out, our feathered friends are very creative and very willing to pitch in to make sure our message is out there. You have to admit they are very cute.

And what we had not expected was how hip our flock is with Social Media.

We have been thrilled with the new promoting crew. They have even latched themselves on to some of the Marta buses around town. Have you seen them? {We are in need of some pictures of the buses, if you send me a picture, there will be some Barefoot bucks for you at the event!}

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