“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”

Winston Churchill  

We won’t lie to you. Rebranding can be a tough process and sometimes even painful. As such, we understand your fear. While something as simple as a logo change can be classified as a rebranding, it really comes down to focusing on the core of your business and audience and connecting all of this with intention. Rebranding provides you with an opportunity to change the perception of your company without changing your business. It can have tremendous benefits, but the process requires putting in work. Whether something as seemingly simple as a tagline or logo change, or the more in-depth process of changing your messaging to better connect with your audience, every element of your rebranding requires ample research, intention, collaboration and execution.

If you are in business for more than a couple months, you will eventually be faced with rebranding at some point. If you are experiencing a continued, sustainable growth, rebranding is crucial to staying relevant. If you think your company is too big or well recognized for a rebranding campaign, consider this – Starbucks has rebranded four times. Apple has rebranded thirteen times. If you think your company is too small to warrant a rebrand, realize it is crucial to shift your brand to match your targeted audience as they change – and they will change. Business size aside, audiences are constantly changing. While an entire rebranding campaign isn’t always necessary for every aspect of change your audience goes through, the ability to meet your audience where they are is important. Of course, there’s also a major reason for rebranding that no one likes to talk about. If your company is subjected to some negative PR or garners a bad reputation, a rebranding becomes crucial to longevity and customer satisfaction.  

When you actually look at it, the fear that comes from rebranding is natural. It’s the deeply-rooted, visceral fear that comes from the possibility of change. The mystery surrounding change, the idea of leaving something you love behind, and especially the fear of failure is completely natural, if not expected. Considering that your brand is your baby, or at least it should be, we understand there will be stubborn attempts at holding on to the brand you have already nurtured and raised since day one.  However, if you shift your perspective of change, the thought of your rebranding doesn’t seem quite as scary.

In 2016, we say it’s time to embrace the idea of change. If you only view change in terms of what you may lose, you will remain rooted in an illusion of safety that will eventually lead to an out-dated brand that doesn’t serve your customers any more. Instead, if you shift your perspective of change to the positive, your focus moving forwards with a rebranding completely shifts as well. Instead of loss prevention and alienating your old audience, associate the exciting change that comes from rebranding with maximizing your potential and reaping the rewards that naturally occur with growth. If done correctly, your rebranding will not be about changing the viewpoint of your already loyal following; it will be about creating new opportunities for success and generating an authentic excitement around your company! You can’t be afraid to tell your REAL story, even if it has changed. When it comes to your brand, let us help you figure out where you are, where you are going, and only then, get you where you would like to be.

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