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Posted 28 Nov 2011
Screen shot of the home page for CabbagePatchKids.com

Bunnybees, Mother Cabbage and, or course, Cabbage Patch Kids

I am proud to admit that I had 3 Cabbage Patch Kids when I was a little and I know where they are to this day! I even found one of the birth certificates this past summer. And growing up in Georgia, I had the privileged of visiting Babyland General on many occasions. If you do not know what I am talking about you are either too young or had your head buried in the sand in the 80s.
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Posted 04 Nov 2010

Extra, Extra! Read all about it.

When you have some ground breaking news about your company or your industry how do you share it? eMail of course. Everyone on your list get’s a copy. When you want to catalog that information for future reference, where do you store it – eMail, maybe? But then how do you continue to share that information? We have a great solution and one of the best ways to keep fresh new content to your web site, add a blog page.
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Posted 27 Sep 2010

Website Facelifts

"The Web itself needs a new facelift," said Jeff Levick, president of global advertising and strategy at AOL. "There hasn't been a fundamental redesign of content or Web pages." Project Devil includes new ad units that blur the line between content and advertising. Read more at AdWeeks Real Time Advertising Week.

Posted 22 Jan 2010

M-Commerce: Are you ready?

M-Commerce!?! What happened to E-Commerce? Ladies and Gentlemen. The world of commerce is progressing. The newest area of growth is called M-Commerce which stands for Mobile Commerce. This is not researching products and making buying decisions with the help of your mobile device; it is the act of making a purchase with your mobile device. Check out the following article to find out a little more about the newest way to make purchases: http://www.practicalecommerce.com/articles/1516-Mobile-Commerce-Is-Coming-

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