No, we’re not talking about a printing press. Gutenberg is a new editor in WordPress and it’s making life a lot easier for WordPress users when it comes to editing and updating their websites so it’s worth talking about. We know for some, logging into a website and making any kind of changes can be overwhelming, so we’ve teamed up with our friends at ColoredCow to explain what Gutenberg is and why it’s providing users with a better experience when it comes to editing their sites.

So what makes Gutenberg a better WordPress editor? It’s putting more control into the hands of website users, which means dependency on developers will reduce quite a bit, and in turn, can help save money in the long run. Beyond that, the reasons to switch include:

But how does Gutenberg actually benefit your business or organization? It’s all about saving time and money while making life easier for site users.

The overall benefit for your site is that there is less effort to be made with code, so the time it takes to complete your project in terms of development is reduced, as well as the cost.

Classic editor page build vs. Gutenberg editor

So what do you need to achieve all of this and try Gutenberg in your own website? First, you need a WordPress site and to update your existing plugins, as well as to complete compatibility checks. Be mindful that although there will be no effects on existing websites with Gutenberg, a risk-mitigation assessment and thorough testing will be necessary.

Curious to learn more? You can head over to the WordPress website to learn more about Gutenberg and even give it a try. We’re also planning a webinar in the near future, so stay tuned for an official announcement.

Questions? Contact us! We are happy to help!