Below are links stating that with Facebook and Twitter sales are set to grow this year & even more in 2010.

Cyber Monday brought a lot of traffic to social media sites.

On both Twitter and Facebook pages, some retailers had giveaways just to get you to become a fan or follower.Such as products or gift cards. Some even had special codes needed to obtain from Twitter or Facebook in order to input to get your deal. Top tweeted deal was from Toshibalaptops.

Retailers were able to use a free service to advertise their deals. #Cyber Monday even became a trending topic, since so many people were tweeting about so many deals. Deals were then able to be re-tweeted which made word spread faster.

Even places you would not think to have deals had “Cyber Monday” deals, such as Flamingo Hotels in Vegas. (on both Facebook and Twitter) even had its own Facebook fan page, which had tons of Cyber Monday deals posted on it.

Facebook Fan Pages for Cyber Monday: Macy’s made you become a fan before you could see the deals = smart. (easy enough and they can update you from now one on products and specials.)

Best Buy did not have just a Cyber Monday tab. They have a holiday fun tab with lots of fun links to click.

Not just large retailers had deals posted on twitter and Facebook. Even single product distributors selling items had special deals and were using Facebook and Twitter to post. Such as Chill Out & About

A lot of the deals being tweeted were by people that sell their items through etsy.

One way I know that social media (Twitter) was crowded on Cyber Monday was because I got the “fail whale” more than 10 times during this research. This holiday season, think of using social media to get the word out there. Why not? It’s free.