When you have some ground breaking news about your company or your industry how do you share it? eMail of course. Everyone on your list get’s a copy. When you want to catalog that information for future reference, where do you store it – eMail, maybe? But then how do you continue to share that information? We have a great solution and one of the best ways to keep fresh new content to your web site, add a blog page.

Drum roll, please Rock, Paper, Scissors is proud to unveil our NEW blog. Yes, we have had it for years, but we have upgraded and incorporated new ways to make our blog work even harder. Primarily we use our blog to support our newsletter publication and it doubles as a library where we catalog our past publication.

We have also incorporated social media into our blog platform (see below). In addition to the old standby method of sharing via email, our social media links make it easy to share great content via facebook and twitter. We have includes a Rock, Paper, Scissors Facebook feed and bolder graphics for a fresh look.

We have some noteworthy tips about how a blog can works to enhance your social media, and open a more dynamic dialog with your customers. Your blog can become not only an information resource but a tool for better communication within your organization and the outside world. So, give us a call.

Take a tour of our new blog page and let me know what you think. As we add new features we will keep you posted.