Kaitlin Henre

Kaitlin / Trixie
Kaitlin Henre
If Imogen has a favorite person in the office, it’s probably Kaitlin, and rightfully so because Kaitlin obviously has the most fun desk. There’s always a sketchpad nearby so she can work on the next epic design, the bass is always pumping, and of course, the Ninja Turtles action figures. She’s also a lover of all things Batman, but don’t tell the Turtles because they’ll totally be jealous. Kaitlin is neither your typical graphic designer nor your typical shoe designer — if you haven’t seen her creations you are missing out! We’re pretty sure her DNA is 25% T-rex. Trust us, we’ve met her alter ego.

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Sketch Books
Ninja Turtles
True Crime TV
Converse in
Every Color
Alter Ego:
Trixie the T-Rex

Kaitlin’s passion for design is evident in each project she completes. She takes great care to ensure that each project is thoughtfully and carefully considered to ensure every detail and color is an appropriate representation of the client’s brand and culture. As a firm believer in continuing the education process beyond the diploma, Kaitlin is constantly working to perfect her craft and brings a lighthearted and authentic touch to her projects. She has a strong background in color, print, and social media.

Prior to arriving at Rock Paper Scissors, Kaitlin had experience working on a team of designers from around the world collaborating on projects for clients including national drugstore chains, such as CVS and Walgreens, and big box retailers like Target.

In addition to her work here at RPS, Kaitlin enjoys activities that allow her to express her creativity and going to music shows and festivals with her friends. She also loves days where she can just relax in her hammock.

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