Sugarloaf CID 2019 Annual Report

The Challenge

Due to the unprecedented pandemic, the creation and distribution of a printed Annual Report became challenging. In the past, Annual Reports were often sent out by mail or given out at events or at meetings. With the uncertainty that came with the beginning of the pandemic, Sugarloaf CID wanted to ensure that this report provided a critical touchpoint during a difficult year that could be distributed safely and efficiently. Therefore, they decided that they would opt for a fully digital annual report. With this being our first solely digital Annual Report, we really wanted to focus on making sure that the final product was user friendly, interactive and visually pleasing.

Traditionally, annual reports are designed with print in mind and then adapted for digital. This usually involves a flipbook application, like the report displayed, or a pdf document broken down based on each page.

The Solution

In response to these obstacles, we created an experiential Annual Report that’s engaging, vivid and colorful while still aligning with Sugarloaf CID’s professional brand.

Creating the Annual Report as a PDF document allowed it to be easily accessed through different devices. Because of its digital nature, we decided that a scrolling experience would be the most accessible way to present this report. To enhance the accessibility and interactive experience, we created a Table of Contents with anchor links to the respective topic so that viewers are able to easily engage and navigate through the report.

The Results

Our work allowed Sugarloaf CID to combat certain obstacles caused by the pandemic. They safely and effectively distributed an annual report that serves as an engaging brand piece for them. Moreover, our creative and bold efforts with this annual report has earned us a Gold Davey Award, their highest honor, for Design & Print.


Given that we were publishing this report in the midst of a pandemic, we knew a digital annual report would be the best solution. All the credit for creativity goes to Rock Paper Scissors. I was so impressed with the way they transformed the report into a digital format that was attractive and easy to navigate.

- Alyssa Davis

Executive Director

About Sugarloaf CID

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Sugarloaf Community Improvement District is a self-taxing district that leverages property tax dollars to make improvements in the area that protect property values and give a voice to property owners.