In our last post we looked at some staggering statistics regarding mobile devices and found out why these devices are so popular today. Before we rush to the marketing department to get the mobile version of our website up and running, we need to know who we're marketing our mobile website to, as well as, some obstacles and limitations we may run in to. Leland Rechis, an experience designer for Google, recently did some research on behaviors of mobile device users. Rechis said that Google breaks down mobile users into three behavior groups:

  1. Repetitive now
  2. Bored now
  3. Urgent now

The "repetitive now" user is someone checking for the same piece of information over and over again, like checking the same stock quotes, sport scores, or weather. The "bored now" are users who have time on their hands such as people who are on trains, waiting in airports, or sitting in cafes. The "urgent now" user is one who would be looking to find a specific piece of information right now, like directions or a phone number. When we build your mobile device website, which user behavior are we targeting? Maybe it's more than one. The target market group is the first thing we should consider. So now we're ready to build an even better, faster website than our desktop website, one that is focused on our mobile users whose devices are on their person all the time, right? Well, we can't get started quite yet. Next, we need to understand our limitations. Stay tuned for my next post as we discuss mobile web limitations!

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