Now, I am aware that this article’s title sounds like we are pushing for a compliment, but that is not the intention.

Have you, in the past few months, had a day that you thought could not get any worse, and then it did? It seems that more and more lately, keeping a positive attitude can be the hardest part of the day.

Well, here at Rock, Paper, Scissors we have started a new, informal policy. When you think your day can’t get any worse, you go out and refer a business you really admire. It is the best thing you can do for a business. A direct referral is much more likely to convert to an actual sale than advertising. If you advertise or market your company, it can take up to seven contacts for someone to even think about a company as legitimate, whereas a referral can bear fruit on the first contact. So when you refer a business you really admire, you are doing them a huge favor, and you usually feel better in the process.

I usually let companies know when I refer them, just in case your referral does not call. It let’s that business know you are rooting for them, and also gives them the opportunity to follow up with your referral.

So the next time you are having a bad day, do something positive for someone’s business. Before you know it, the world will be a better place.

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