So you are sitting in traffic trying to get to work on time, listening to the radio, cd, ipod, or even a tape (for those of you who have not upgraded since 1989). You finally get to work and leave it all in the car, just to sit in silence with just the noise of the tapping of the keyboard, daily celeb gossip from your coworkers, and the bubbling of the water cooler shooting through your ears. Tomorrow, it might be a good idea if you brought some of that music from your car into your cubicle. 

We have all heard the research that music helps you work more diligently, but have you ever seen the proof of it? A trial was done where 75 out of 256 employees  were given personal stereos to use for four weeks while working. After the study they showed a 10% increase on productivity. It is just not the increase in productivity though, because the research also showed that music that had an upbeat rhythm reduced stress hormone levels as much as 41%. Read More Which basically means that next time the boss asks you if you read the memo, there might not be an “incident” that involves a security escort and a pink slip of paper. Another rumor is that the music has to be classical, but it doesn’t. Classical music can be more distracting if it is not your personal preference. It is up to you whether music will help you focus more or be a distraction. 

If you don’t have an ipod, don’t worry. If you are around a computer there are several ways to listen to streaming music online. Many radio stations offer the option to listen to their broadcast online. iTunes has a radio station feature with loads of different types of music. Pandora allows you to make playlists of artists you enjoy and then it finds similar music to the artists your picked and adds them in the mix. Myspace is not just for 15 year olds to make friends. There is music section and you can find almost any artist known, plus others not well known, that should be well known. Most artists’ music pages feature 4-5 songs by that artist for your listening pleasure. And finally iheartmusic is a webstite that allows you to listen to full albums (even albums that have not been released yet!)

So, put on some headphones (your co-workers might not like Ice Ice Baby as much as you do, Yeah you know you like it) and get back to your happy extra 8 minutes of work. Just try not to burst out in song or bust a move in your rolly chair, you might embarrass yourself.


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