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Posted 13 Aug 2012

Youtube vs. Vimeo: the visual showdown

Have you ever considered how video might help you sell your products or services better? Do you think a video testimonial might reach more people with your non-profit or company message? It may be easy capturing a short product demonstration or chatting with some volunteers who aren’t camera-shy – but then what? We’d like to share some helpful tips on what you can do with your videos.

The two major video hubs are Youtube and Vimeo. Since both of the platforms recently updated their interface each is relatively easy to use following the posted directions.  So why choose one over the other?

Here is a brief walk through on the highlights of each platform. Each platform has it’s pluses so it’s up to the user to do a little exploring to see what might suite their needs best or you can meet with us to help set up your strategy. Here’s a quick start.


Youtube is designed to provide anyone who wants to post a video the opportunity to share it with the world and with any extraterrestrial creature who might have figured out how to hack into the internet. Therefore, there is wide range of production styles and content quality. You will find everything from a professionally produced product promotion to Jenny’s first birthday party photographed by her granddad, and everything in between. So why do people choose Youtube?

  • Because of it’s robust user base, Youtube can propel a video into viral nirvana at a much faster rate. So if your dog can recite his ABC’s, Youtube is probably your first choice.
  • You can also monetize your video with Youtube. In a few quick steps you can set your videos to play in-video ads that result in money in your account every time someone clicks on the ad.


Vimeo, on the other hand, is a preferred platform for professional videography. Vimeo was actually started by a group of filmmakers. The basic quality of the videos on Vimeo, in general, have a higher production quality. Their user base is not quite as large so you may not get the viral impact but there are other aspects of Vimeo that make it very appealing.

  • Vimeo has a 500MB/week storage space with the basic account and 5 GB/week for Vimeo Plus. A generous amount of storage for longer more involved videos at a very reasonable rate.
  •  You are not limited to a 20 minute video.
  • You can now upload more than one video at a time! So if you want to really get shorten your upload time, for heavier video users, you might want to consider Vimeo.

Don’t let the fact that Vimeo is used by professionals scare you away. The Vimeo interface is well designed and they offer features like Channels, which allows you to group video by themes. For example, if you wanted to post training videos you could organize them by topic. You need to find the platform that is right for you and just dive in.

Contact us at Rock, Paper, Scissors if you seriously want to develop a Video Program for anything from training and video tours, to product videos and promotional messages.

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