The mobile web is in its infancy and thus has not had the exposure that a new technology needs in order to be mocked in a humorous format. This basically means that we can’t find any jokes specific to our topic and will therefore offer you this list of oxymorons instead. We would like to grow this list, so please add any good ones you have heard of 🙂

1. Jumbo Shrimp
2. Recent History
3. Pretty Ugly
4. Freezer Burn
5. Constant Change
6. Original Copy
7. Random Order
8. Old News
9. Strong Decaf
10. Cold Sweat
11. Small Crowd
12. Awfully Good
13. Safety Hazard
14. Clearly Confusing
15. Slow Speed
16. Silent Scream
17. Creative Destruction
18. Genuine Imitation
19. Deafening Silence
20. Almost Exactly
21. Approximately Equal
22. Farewell Reception
23. Civil War
24. Peace Keeper Missile

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