For those of you who know me well, it’s no surprise that I don’t believe the federal government does anything very well. Yes, I am a bit jaded but here is the point: I think I have finally found something they did well and I am ready to yell it from the roof tops.

I have to say that if you are currently thinking of trademarking your logo and are daunted by dealing with the US Patent and Trademark Office web site, forge ahead. I recently visited the site and was pleasantly surprised that it was easier to navigate and information you need was well organized and easier to access.

They have even included a Trademark Information Network for those of us who like to get our information from video. There is whole list of informational videos to help you through the process. For example: “Newsflash: Introduction to the USPTO and Trademark Basics”.

The sites sub-navigation is easy to use and there is just tons of information that is now so much more accessible. So be brave and look into trademarking your logo! As your business grows, the trademark will give you a greater level of protection under the law.

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