They are our greeters, security detail, and often the stars of the RPS social media accounts. They make our days brighter with tails wagging and sweet puppy kisses. While they’ve been known to scare a delivery person or two, the office dogs of RPS may seem like some unlikely office mates, but to us they are just a part of the family and members of our team.

office dogs

Why do Ava, Kata, and Kyla come to the office? Well, it all goes back to our roots. When Cindy first started RPS, she was working from the Sutt family home, so the dogs were obviously there. As we grew and needed more space, it just seemed natural for the dogs to come to the office, and almost every day since, the dogs of RPS have been a part of our daily activities.

While service and therapy dogs have been welcome in the workplace for quite some time, pets in the office are somewhat of a newer trend (obviously, we were way ahead of the game and setting the trend!). Quite a few studies have been conducted on the benefits of dogs in the workplace, and it turns out having dogs in the office can be very beneficial. Some of the benefits dogs can bring to the workplace include:

However, here at RPS having the dogs at the office is also a simple reminder of one of our core values: to be playful. The dogs keep us active each day, whether it’s a quick game of tug-of-war or fetch, a run around Lawrenceville, and even their crazy antics and picking on each other, they remind us to enjoy the little things, not take things too seriously, and to always have fun. And if you hang around our office for a while, you’ll start to notice they each have daily routines and roles within the company.



Sweet Ava is our pup that loves a good belly rub and cuddles. If you’re having a bad day, there’s a good possibility Ava will be hanging around your desk to make sure you’re okay. She’s our unofficial Director of Emotional Support. She also loves Run Club and each Wednesday and Friday just before 4 pm, you’ll know she’s ready to go because Ava will start trotting around the office until we’re all ready to go.

office dogs


Kyla is our spunky and eager greeter, as well as the head of RPS Security. A fierce protector of her people, Kyla is always keeping an eye on things from the front windows to ward off the bad guys (and unsuspecting delivery people). She also loves to see what everyone is having for lunch and will wait with huge puppy dog eyes for a handout.
office dogs


Kata might seem shy at first, but that’s just because she’s the newest member of our canine team. She joined us in February 2017 and is starting to find her place in the mix, as well as her voice. We weren’t sure if she would ever speak, but has recently started barking to say “Hello!” anytime the door opens. She’s also Randy’s sidekick and spends lots of time by his desk making sure he stays on task.

office dogs

We love our canine team here at RPS because they fill our days with love and fun, and we can’t imagine the office without them in it!

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