When it comes to SEO, people tend to be easily confused; the acronym alone seems scary! Luckily for you, we are here to clear the air on Search Engine Optimization. When you think about SEO, you need to think traffic. SEO, in its simplest form, is way to diversify your business and generate visibility for your website. Although it may seem difficult at the start, there are some key aspects of SEO that ANYONE can apply to reap the benefits! Throughout our last webinar, Jenny Munn, an Atlanta SEO extraordinaire, shared some incredible things to keep in mind when starting OR continuing your SEO journey.

 5 Basics for SEO Success

  1. Choosing your Keywords wisely
  2. Google Analytics & Google Search Console
  3. What Contributes to SEO Today
  4. Understand the True Job of SEO
  5. Business Alignment

Key Words

In SEO, your keywords are everything. They are your primary connection with your search audience and your frontline on the battlefield of competing for traffic! When creating or improving your keywords, there are a few factors that you must consider in order to fully benefit from your efforts: buying intent, staying in your league, and using REAL words.

  1. Are your words simply informational or common? In order to generate qualified traffic opposed to website tourists, your keywords must be focused on your goals. Make these words conversion based and focus on buying intent!
  2. Where to you stand among the competition? It is crucial to be realistic when forming your keywords. This is why you must stay in your league. Competing with the leaders of your industry for page 1 is close to impossible.
  3. Are your keywords real or fake? One of the quickest fixes to your keyword arsenal is to immediately eliminate any words that are not in your targeted audience’s vocabulary. Fake, clever or combined words are typically not searched for!

Google Analytics

This is a wonderful tool provided by google that you need to utilize if you plan on taking your SEO seriously! Not only does it help you more fully understand your website’s ins and outs, but it presents this information for you in organized data and graphs that are meant to help you improve your site. As a result, you can learn your most popular pages, valuable information about your audience, bounce pages, and more!

What Contributes Today

There is quite an extensive list of things that contribute towards the optimization of your website. However, we will provide a few of the most important and you can catch the others in the recording of our webinar below.

  1. First and foremost, google will look at your technical basics. You have to ensure that your code is clean and that your links are fully functional. If you do not have the technical basics taken care of, then you are never going to rank.
  2. Once you have established your keywords, have you completed your on page optimization? This involves interweaving your keywords throughout your pages, into your title tags, and formatting your page appropriately.
  3. CONTENT IS KING. Content is everywhere in SEO. You need your content to be valuable to your audience. If your content does not offer something to your audience, they have no reason to visit your website. Ensure your content is giving!

Understand the True Job of SEO

The true job of SEO is to drive traffic to your website, NOT to generate your leads. If your SEO is doing its job, then your website has to do the rest. Upon landing on your site, your website needs to utilize a variety of features to keep them there and aid in completing your conversion. Some key aspects of successful websites are you copy, a professional design, and a well-thought out post click plan.

Aligning SEO To Your Business

Before you do all of this work in optimizing your website, you need to ensure that your SEO strategy AND your website reflect:

  1. Who do you want to attract?
  2. What is in THEIR world?
  3. What should you promote to them?

Remember, this is all for your audience. In order to more fully take advantage of implementing SEO practices, you need to be able to think like your audience.

IF you would like to listen to our full webinar, including the live Q&A portion, please visit our recording below!

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