RPS on the Streets is your quick guide for the latest and greatest tools and tricks that will keep you running at optimum speed. Now, we aren’t talking about fancy motor oil, we’re talking about a news feed that tailored specifically to what you want to read, an easy way to make sure you stick to that infamous “lose weight” New Years resolution, and a way to make sure you never lose a bill again.


TiVo was the remedy for annoying TV commercials, and Trapit is the remedy for news stories you really don’t care about. Rather than digging through all of the blogs, news sites and RSS feeds that flood you with stories about any and all topics, Trapit will deliver a tailored, streamlined collection of stories that are worthy of your precious time.

Signing up for Trapit is super simple. Create an account through your Facebook or Twitter account, or using an email address. (if you prefer not to have your Trapit account linked with your social media account(s)) After you create your account, Trapit will show you a list of pre-made feeds that are most popular among users, or you can create your own custom feeds. Just search for a keyword, phrase or specific URL, and Trapit will pull stories related to your search criteria. If you want to turn your search into a permanent feed, simply click “Trap it!” It’s that simple.

Happy trapping!


Arguably the most popular New Years resolution is the vow to get in shape. Sadly, this is also (usually) the first resolution to go out the window. Most blame their resolution failure on not enough time to go to the gym or to make healthier meals. Well, we have an app for you (of course!) that will help you stay the course of weight loss this year.

MyFitnessPal is a mobile app that helps you keep track of every calorie you consume in a day, and every minute of physical activity. It logs the information in daily “journals”, and counts all the data you enter towards a goal that you set for yourself when you create your account. (You can also set up new goals at a later time) MyFitnessPal has a database of over 1 million foods, so entering caloric information shouldn’t be a problem. (You might also learn just how many calories that morning pack of Pop Tart is earning you.)

The best part about MyFitnessPal? They have an app for just about every mobile platform. That’s right, no excuses! So download the app today, set your goal(s), and get on your way to a healthier you this year.


Who is a fan of late fees? Who enjoys keeping track of numerous usernames and passwords for all their online accounts? Who gets a thrill from gazing at a towering stack of paper bill statements every month? If you answered “Me!” to any of those questions, this product is not for you. If, however, you groaned more and more with each question above, this product might be your salvation.

Manilla is basically an online filing cabinet. It’s a secure compilation of all of your online accounts for all bills, subscriptions and loyalty programs. In their words, it will take you 90 seconds to get going on Manilla. Create an account, pick the companies you have accounts with (even guys like Groupon!), enter in your login information for each, and you’re done. Manilla will send you emails or texts when a bill due date is nearing or when an online deal is about to expire. You can even view past billing statements for certain companies.

And the best part is…you only need to remember ONE username and password. No, you’re not dreaming. Go forth and manage your bills in peace. You can thank us later.

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