When Eastside Medical Center—a 310-bed, acute care medical facility in Snellville—wanted to engage the community by celebrating the grand opening of a brand new patient tower, they asked Rock Paper Scissors for creative direction.  Just a few weeks separated the official ribbon-cutting ceremony and the design and launch of a public relations program, but the event, which included tours of the tower and an unveiling of an art exhibit showcasing the area’s finest professional and student artists, took place on schedule and with the support of an enthusiastic hospital staff and community.

When called for their creative input, Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) designed “The Art and the Heart of Healing” campaign to promote the innovative facility and community-inspired outreach. “Eastside Medical has served Gwinnett for 32 years,” says Cindy Sutt. “With so many newcomers to the area, we are thrilled to help build awareness of the extensive care options available close to home. When our team was asked to present a concept for the Patient Tower Open House, we seized the opportunity to engage the hospital staff and local residents, as well as foster a sense of community among all.”

Recognizing the connection between the arts and the nature of healing, the event coordinator, Golin Harris International, suggested that a gallery area of the new patient tower serve as the focus of the launch. Developing the theme, “The Art and the Heart of Healing,” RPS conceived the creative design and marketing strategy, featuring billboard advertisements and regional PR, in addition to tee-shirts and buttons for the staff to wear.

“This is our first locally-developed promotional event,” says Brittainy Horne, Director of Outreach, “so we wanted to work with a local agency that appreciated our ties to the community and our passion for healing.  Rock Paper Scissors immediately connected and gave life to our vision. As a result, we look forward to broadening our reach and strengthening our impact.”

“Taking an event, branding it and turning it into something that has lasting value.”

In addition to branding an event, Rock Paper Scissors is further credited for creating a brand that has lasting value. “ We wanted to create a theme that captures their vision. With that in mind, we created “The Art and Heart of Healing” to anchor a long-term in-house campaign for the staff and management. Moving forward, the theme will continue to build employee morale and their focus on patient care,” says Cindy, “and the same message and spirit will spill into the community.”