Are you ready? The year is coming to a close and I think most of us are ready for a do-over. It's time to plan for 2010. Yes, plan. More than ever it is important to have a plan and stick to it. Gather up your marketing materials and look them over. Review your web site. Is your message still relevant to what your company offers? Is it stale and dated? What new services or products can you offer your clients? Reinvent yourself and roll out the new year by getting your whole team excited. We are practicing what we preach. At RPS we have some new products—like mobile Web site design and development—to address significant changes in the marketplace. With three times more smart phones than PC's in use, we now have advantages that allow us to reach this broad audience. RPS is also working the Social Media Marketing arena, as you all know, and helping more clients adapt SM into their marketing plan. As we experience the benefits of following our own advice, we encourage you to consider the same opportunities. Sometimes the hardest part of evaluating your sales and marketing efforts is having an outside perspective of what you are doing and how it is received. In the days of doing more yourself, RPS is offers marketing consultations to help you focus. Contact Us to get ready for 2010 and set up your Marketing Consultation! Most of all don't delay, start planning for a more profitable new year today. Let's Rock'N Roll!

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