Independence Bank of Georgia

Client Goal:

To give the brand a facelift to better reflect the bank's welcoming atmosphere and create stronger connections with current and prospective customers.

The Challenge

When we began working with Independence Bank of Georgia in 2015, it was in need of a branding facelift that would make the bank immediately engaging and capture the attention of potential customers. At the time, the bank seemed to blend in with other banks and needed a way to stand out from the crowd of local and national banks near its two locations in Braselton and Gainesville, Georgia. Employees greeted customers with a warm and friendly welcome, making them feel like family rather than a customer walking into a group of bankers, so we knew we needed to build a brand that clearly reflected that and the team running the bank.

The Solution

We began with our Brand Immersion process with Independence Bank of Georgia to gain a better understanding of the entire business and how customers perceived the brand. We were able to see that the brand felt outdated and didn’t immediately reflect the unique experience the team at Independence Bank of Georgia offered its customers, as well as that the bank didn’t feel as approachable as other competitors. We learned about the bank’s emphasis on community involvement and began looking for opportunities to make that better know within the organization and its customer base.

Upon completing Brand Immersion, we made some recommendations to help the brand reflect the bank’s culture and brand experience, including using the name “Ibankga” in its marketing efforts. The shortened name was approachable, more attractive to customers, and sounded more modern. This was already the bank’s domain, but Ibankga was only used internally. We were able to help the bank feel more confident in making this shift to using the name Ibankga in a more public way through its public website address and marketing materials.

We also built customer profiles as we learned more about Ibankga’s current customer base. The customer profiles were essential for ensuring branding and marketing goals would reach the right audiences. We also learned the tone and language the leadership team was using so we could collaborate on creating more engaging website copy, marketing collateral, and social media content to help emphasize to customers why Ibankga was the right bank for them.

We then moved to creating a new website for the bank. We wanted to make sure the website would have an impact on current and prospective customers, so we made design and content choices that would help them better engage with the new site. This included simplifying the online banking process and adding a deeper level of branding to be a more true reflection of the organization.

We also developed Brand Identity Standards & Guidelines for the team at Ibankga to use in future marketing efforts and launched the new website while the bank’s team took over the implementation of the new branding campaign. Moving forward, we provided creative support for stationery, brochures, ad campaigns, signage, and more.

With community involvement as an important core value for Ibankga, we worked with the bank to develop the Denim and Donate campaign. Each month on Fridays, employees were allowed to wear denim by donating to the cause of the month. Customers were encouraged to donate to the monthly cause as well. From collecting school supplies to bake sales benefitting local charities, Ibankga was connecting to the community in a visual and impactful way.

While Ibankga initially set out to refresh the brand as a way to better connect with its audiences, it ultimately helped the bank position itself for a merger. In 2016, Ibankga merged with Pinnacle Bank.

Project Summary:






Positioned Ibankga for a merger with another local bank at the end of 2016


Refreshed marketing materials helped Ibankga feel more approachable and better reflect the team behind the bank


Brand Identity Standards & Guidelines

Brand Identity Standards & Guidelines helped ensure the brand was represented consistently


Independence Bank of Georgia Denim & Donate Campaign

The Denim & Donate campaign showcased the bank’s core value of community involvement, encouraging participation from employees and customers alike

“Our goal with the new website design was to create a digital environment that matches the bright, welcoming atmosphere experienced in the various branch locations.”