Happy New Year! Our hope is that you all had a very restful and happy holiday season. In December, we got some great news at RPS when the Livelys announced that they are expecting a baby girl in March. Nicole ended 2009 with a jolt when she used a tree to stop her car instead of the breaks.  The upside is that she wasn’t badly injured and she has a new set of wheels to get around town, so look for her driving a stylish black Corolla. On a more somber note, Rock, Paper, Scissors lost one of its greatest fans over the holidays, Kay Sutt. Randy’s Mom was our one-woman cheering squad for everything Rock, Paper, Scissors and we will truly miss her. There is no doubt that Kay would agree with me in saying that each new year brings not only new challenges but also great opportunities. To seize those opportunities, all of us should study trends and continually improve communication with our customers and business network. For some insights into upcoming trends, read “10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010”. Just go to http://www.trendwatching.com. Then how about “4 Steps for Effective Online Networking” at mashable.com, 4 Steps for Effective Online Networking. Enjoy the read. They are both filled with good tips and interesting information. February 18th we are also planning RPS Social Media Part 2. Last year we had a great turnout and created a second session to accommodate all who wanted to attend. Everyone is invited so call or email us to reserve a seat. It’s a fun evening of food, beverage, networking and sharing. Happy New Year Everyone. See you all very soon. Cindy Sutt

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