The world of Twitter and Social Media changes almost daily, so as you may know, this is not an easy topic to keep up with. I am in the industry and I can’t even catch everything. It goes without saying, when you are trying to run your business it is nearly impossible to keep up.

I get a lot of questions about how to get started, what to say, and WHY do I need to Tweet. It can be very overwhelming. I know that you will have questions when we start to talk about your Twitter strategy, and you are going to have even more questions as you begin to Tweet. To help you out, I am creating this post of resources from industry publications that I find.

This is not your one-stop, fix-all place, to find the best Twitter campaign, but it’s a good resource to answer questions and inspire new ideas.

I will be adding links as I come across them to give you a good snapshot of the ins and outs of Twitter. As always, you know you can call, email or even comment here if you want to talk about specifics.

Good luck and tweet often!


The Twitter Resource:

4 Rules for Marketing on Twitter from Practical eCommerce, October 26, 2010

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