The Beatles figured out who their customer was and wrote songs that resonated with them. They knew exactly who they were singing to because their customers were singing every word right back to them. Fans came out in droves, stood in the pouring rain at concerts and were first in line to pick up every record. It was clear that whatever it was they were doing was working. If we really get down to the nitty gritty of marketing, the core commandment is to know thy customer. Both the psychographics and demographics matter in marketing.


Now suppose you aren’t a long lost member of The Beatles, your customer doesn’t rush you every time you’re out in public. Do you know who your customer is, what they are talking about, or why your product matters to them anyway? Before you make one more tweet, send out one more email or call one more lead, it is worth taking the time to know who you should be talking to so that you are talking to the right people at the right time. Who doesn’t want to be more effective with their sales and marketing?

So let’s take the time to understand what you need to start collecting so you can build a customer profile – the foundation for your sales and marketing strategies:

Demographics are the WHO. External and surface factors regarding who the consumer is. This sets up important dividing lines when it comes to marketing and sales. These include things like:

If you’re pushing a sale on men’s size 11 hiking boots to a single woman in New York City, unless she has exceptionally large feet and is planning a trip to Colorado, there’s a good chance you’re missing your target entirely. The Beatles had demographics nailed down because they mass produced albums which landed in record stores worldwide and followed up with live concerts.

Psychographics are the WHY. Why a consumer is motivated to purchase a product has much more to do with them as a person. This includes things like:

You know the old saying “don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.” Well, there are several reasons I could list off why you shouldn’t do that, but a big one is that nobody there is looking to buy your knife. You’re more likely to win over consumers when you’re selling a product that appeals to them on a deeper level than location or gender, you are connecting with them. The Beatles engaged their customers through emotional appeal. They sang,

“Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly…”

because that message resonates. What a line! People spend their whole lives developing opinions and values that ultimately works to the advantage of the business owner – when you can hone in on who your target audience is and what truly matters to them. This makes an impact on listener’s (customers) lives and creates an irreplaceable value. That song connected with people because messages of hope and overcoming obstacles despite circumstances hits home for everyone.

Demographics + Psychographics = truly knowing your customer.

This is the equation for running a successful sales and marketing campaign. Half the battle is identifying your target audience as individuals and not statistics. People want to be a part of things that deeply resonate with them, and it’s up to you to give them a reason to come to your door, request your service, or buy your record. Meet your customer where they are.

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