This month we would like to highlight a long-time member of the Rock, Paper, Scissors family Discovery Point Child Development Centers.

Last month you got a look at QR Codes. Now we would like to show you how Discovery Point Child Development Franchising is putting this new technology to work for their franchise sales efforts.The franchising group actively reaches out to well-educated, financially stable, individuals looking for an opportunity to own their own business and to work with children. The challenge: How do you capture the attention of this dynamic demographic, deliver your message and make it easy for them to contact you? The answer: QR Codes!

We have used QR code in their ad campaign for AirTran’s GO Magazine and Entrepreneur 2011 TOP 500 publications. The QR code directs the readers to a new mobile site specifically design to promote franchise sales. This mobile site is formatted to provide all the essential information a prospective franchisee would want to know conveniently formatted to view from their smart phone. So, for all the budding entrepreneurs traveling by air looking for a great opportunity to own their own business, they can access information about Discovery Point Franchising, request information via a contact form, or schedule an appointment without dragging out their lap top.

Seeing is believing and doing is understanding, so we included an ad above so you can test out the QR code with your smart phone. This will also give you a chance to check out their new mobile site! {Note: you will need a QR reader on your phone. There are free QR reader apps that you can download because once you see one QR code, you will start seeing them EVERYWHERE!}

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