We get a lot of questions about SEO [Search Engine Optimization] and we thought we could continue some of our conversations with our blog since I am sure that there are more people out there that have questions. A majority of the conversations start because a sales person called stating “I can get you on the first page of Google!” And with our current economic climate, we are all leery of statements like this. There are SEO companies who offer back-link building as a monthly service, and though it is a part of SEO, it’s not the only or most important part.

At Rock, Paper, Scissors we make sure your website is, first and foremost, optimized for a user to 1) have a great experience and 2) know that when they see you in search engine results, YOU’RE the result they want.

We do this by making sure that the individual pages of your websites have titles, descriptions, URLs and text links that are unique, descriptive and clear to searchers. Sites are also built with clear hierarchy to pages, product catalogs or blog posts depending on which RPS service you decide to use.

When we write content, it’s created not just to be rich in the keywords you want to get found for, but it’s also created to be useful and information-rich for your users. This includes heading tags, paragraphs and any background information on images or individual pages that the search engines and screen-readers see. The content is also given a hierarchical structure so that search engines can clearly discern what is most important about your site, how it and the least important content are related and how users might also interpret the content on pages.

Internal links are used where appropriate and given relevant anchor text to make sure that your site is navigable. We don’t “stuff” keywords or use any black-hat tricks (the kind that get you kicked off search engines completely) because…well…we know better. We want users to find your content through the search engines and WANT to visit your site, so if you were a frozen Yogurt shop, and I googled “chocolate frozen yogurt”, this would be what our result would look like:


It’s clear, descriptive and unique. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want some frozen yogurt after reading that?

If you are looking to improve your search ranking or have not updated you site in a while, it might be time to schedule a meeting or call us to see what a good next step will be.

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