On March 19, 2014, Cynthia Sutt—owner, founder, and Creative Director of Rock Paper Scissors LLC—passed away after a year-long battle with cancer. But her story is far from over. For 28 years Cindy nurtured and grew the creative community. Whether it was through supporting countless fine arts organizations or through building her own creative agency, Cindy was a creative gardener. She planted seeds of belief and encouragement in everyone she met along her journey. Today, we at Rock Paper Scissors (RPS) are announcing a new benchmark in Cindy’s creative garden.

Cindy founded RPS as a place for creative people to gather and explore their ideas in a safe and supportive environment. With Cindy at the helm, we established ourselves through supporting small businesses, nonprofits, and manufacturers with graphic design, branding, marketing, and web development. Rock Paper Scissors has navigated both growth and change as the graphic and communication worlds have evolved in the last three decades. We are committed to sustaining that growth and continuing to plant Cindy’s seeds.

Over the past year, Randy Sutt, Cindy’s husband and CFO, and Amanda Sutt, her daughter and Director of Accounts, worked with Cindy to ensure that Rock Paper Scissors would continue to flourish, even in her absence, while remaining true to her vision. It was immediately clear that in order to do that, we needed to bring new creative energy into the agency. Selecting the right person, however—someone who understands what makes Rock Paper Scissors and Cindy’s vision so precious—was critical. We knew of just the person to step into those shoes and help us through this transition: Beckie Manley.

Adding a touch of serendipity to this partnership, Beckie was among the first designers Cindy hired in the mid-90’s as RPS’s growth accelerated. Seeing her potential, Cindy offered Beckie her first design job. In doing so, Cindy left her mark, and that mark has been with Beckie throughout her career, from working in various creative firms to her current role as President & Creative Director of her own agency, JDA. In return, Beckie left her mark on us—her creative mojo helped create the current RPS logo. Amanda and Randy will continue to run and grow Rock Paper Scissors, with Beckie offering fresh creative insight as our interim Creative Director while we find our new stride without Cindy.

This is the first of many exciting changes on the horizon for Rock Paper Scissors as we cultivate Cindy’s garden and plant new seeds, growing high-caliber creative people to serve the amazing clients that Rock Paper Scissors is privileged to support.

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