Boyce Design & Contracting is Atlanta’s premier Design/Build firm. Initially founded as a landscape company by Thomas Boyce, the company has expanded its offerings over the years, developing into a full scale design/build firm that creates exterior and interior living spaces that match the lifestyle of the client.

We first connected with Boyce through the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce. At that time, the company had a solid lead generation plan in place but was in need of a brand update that more accurately reflected the exquisite living spaces they create, as well as marketing support. To get a true feeling for who the company is and what they do, Rock Paper Scissors completed a Brand Immersion with Boyce. This allowed us to really get to know the business and its history, how it has changed over the years, the team, and the quality of work that goes into each project. After observing the team and their work, we suggested making some slight modifications to the current logo to make sure that it still felt fresh and up to date without losing the brand recognition.

Boyce Design & Contracting

We also helped Boyce refine their marketing materials to match the new look of the logo. We worked with photographer Jim Roof to capture photographs of interior and exterior projects that reflect the quality of work and attention to detail Boyce is known for. The new images were incorporated into the company’s portfolio, website, and marketing materials and allow the work to speak itself.


“We worked with both Boyce and Jim Roof to create a style for their photography so that people could imagine themselves enjoying and living in these beautiful spaces.” Amanda Sutt, Creative Director.


Before we started to make suggestions and recommendations for marketing materials, we completed a Sales Audit for Boyce. Through this process, we helped refine their marketing materials so that potential clients were given a thorough overview of the company and its history, as well as what they can expect when working with Boyce. We were also able to help Boyce refine their position as a full service renovation partner for their customers in need of interior and exterior home transformations.


We also created a beautiful website for Boyce. Our goal was to focus on past projects since that is what prospective clients want to see and is what sets Boyce as a leader in the industry. We designed the website experience around the portfolio. However, there is a lot more to the site than just the portfolio and we did not want viewers to get bogged down, so we created clear next steps on all pages to make navigating the site and knowing what to do next as simple as possible.

Boyce Design and Contracting

We’ve had the opportunity to continue working with Boyce by providing creative support for their various marketing needs. This is just one example of the lasting partnerships we like to build with our clients and we look forward to continued collaboration with the team at Boyce in the future.


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