I know what you’re thinking – what a loaded statement. There’s no black and white, one word adjective that would cover the depth of what you’ve envisioned and what has been established. We get it. But what about four, across the board, concrete descriptions of what your brand should be?

brand story

Your brand is your story.

It’s this unique atmosphere that your products or services carry everywhere they go in hopes that people will notice. Your brand should instantly communicate ‘hey, we really care about making your experience with us the most enjoyable and helpful that it can be’. Do people recognize that something different is in the air when face to face with your products, services, staff? Do you ever wonder if you’re telling a good story?

brand conversation

Your brand is a conversation.

You and your prospective clients are constantly talking it out. You’re dating, in a sense, and communication is key. In an ideal world, they already know that you are trustworthy, always looking to their best interest, and thinking about them often. But let’s say they don’t. How are you communicating that to them? How are you showing them how invested you are?


Your brand is refined.

You’ve cut out the excess. You are comfortable with the bare minimum because you know that any unnecessary extra would take away from what your brand already has going for it. You know that your brand is most valuable at it’s purest form.


You’re brand is sustainable.

Or it’s not. It’s really important to know which side of that line you fall on. Are you constantly reevaluating your vision? Or are you simply redirecting to better routes? You’re still in good shape if it’s the latter, because your brand should be as agile as it is sustainable.

Your brand is your story. You better make it a good one.

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