And just like that, 2014 is done. If you’re like me, January feels a little mundane after ringing in the new year. The fridge is loaded with leftovers, the decorations are slowly coming down and I keep asking myself why I decided to hang 6,000 ornaments on the tree this year. The celebrations have all been had, resolutions are written down, and it’s back to work you go.

At Rock Paper Scissors, we are just getting started.

2015 has been deemed a year of simplifying the overly complicated. When it comes to marketing, design, branding and web development, we know our clients don’t have time to sift through the bounty of WordPress themes, Google Analytics, and marketing management to make it all work together seamlessly. That’s why we have a sturdy grip on the complicated to make it effortless for you.

This year will be the runway where traditional marketing techniques are the wings which help innovative branding principles take flight. Are you still using direct mail? What about email marketing? We are going back to the basics and building from the ground up. We believe that some of the initial groundbreaking techniques are still a finite foundation for today’s best marketing campaigns. The truth is, you can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’re coming from and we are being intentional with retracing our steps. We want to rediscover what plays a crucial role in our, and ultimately our client’s, success.

We believe in the process. We believe in highs and lows, and learning the most graceful way to walk through both. We are optimists and realists because even though the glass if half full, that doesn’t mean it’s for drinking. Enthusiasm is the means by which every new project travels. We are doers. We are persistent. We are the makers. We believe in going back to the basics. Are you coming with us?

Stay tuned as we share new posts from our 2015 marketing initiative.



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