Just incase you haven’t fallen for an April Fool’s joke today…Today is April 1st or otherwise known as April Fools Day. There was something for everyone this year. Here’s a listing of all the best 2011 pranks.


The internet dorks:
A new way to exercise your fingers from Chrome.
A new way to check and compose your emails from Gmail.
The Movie/Tv/Web Video Watcher:
Have you seen the top You Tube Videos of 1911?

Hop in the time machine with Hulu. and be sure to watch The Morning After video for the full flashback experience!
The Mobile Gamer:
A new afternoon snack based on everyone’s favorite game.
The Coffee Lover:
If only Starbucks would really do this
The Graphic Designer:
Must download Comic Sans Pro today.
Do you know what’s wrong here? A true graphic designer will.
The Star Wars Fanatic:
Jar Jar needs your help.

The Coupon Clipper:
Groupon Announces some new deals!
Who doesn’t want to play with this toy?
The Music Lover:
It’s Friday, Friday, Friday everywhere this friday on Funny or Die.
The Ikea/Dog Lover:
You are going to love the Hundstol.

The Harry Potter Enthusiast:
Tune in Thursdays for this new show.
The Science Nerd:
First Pluto was a planet, then it wasn’t, now it is again? Guess who is buying it.
Even Whole Foods got in on the action with their new products, services, and guide to eating insects. At least we hope this is an joke.
The Star Magazine subscriber:
New blog to go to for all things “Royal Wedding”
The car guy/closet follower of the “Royal Wedding”:
A new car from BMW

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