Your website has been up for years and you’re regularly posting blog content. Chances are your website may have had a refresh or two to keep it up-to-date, but what about your old blog content? While you’re sure to have some posts with time-sensitive information, if you’re creating evergreen content, then you’re bound to have old content that is still relevant. That means it can help your site’s search engine optimization (SEO). How? We’re about to give you three things to do with old blog content to help give your site a little boost. 

1. Use Google Search Console

Google has quite a few free helpful tools you should be using to your advantage, including Google Search Console. This service helps you monitor and maintain your website, as well as optimize the visibility of your site. One of the best attributes of this tool is the Performance feature, which allows you to take a look at what content is performing the best on your site. Once you know what people like, you can go back to your old but relevant posts and optimize the content with better keywords and metadata, and you can also use this information to improve your content strategy moving forward. 

Sample Google Search Console

2. Cross-Link, Cross-Link, Cross-Link

Finding opportunities to cross-link to other pages on your site is considered a basic in SEO best practices. Internal linking can not only help improve search rankings, but also user experience by pointing them in the direction of more content they might be interested in, which can also help keep people on your site longer. That being said, cross-link new materials to old content and check to see where you can update older content with cross-links to newer materials and information. 

Cross-link to other pages on your site

3. Share It on Social

Just because you published a blog six months ago doesn’t mean it’s beyond promoting. If an old post is relevant, promote it through social media! With trending hashtags like #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday, you can make it even more relevant and maybe even find a few followers who missed the post the first time around. And don’t just share it on your business profiles–push it out to your own followers as well, and encourage your team to do the same to help your content gain more exposure. 

Share old blog content on social media

Those are just three quick tips for what you can do with old yet still relevant blog content to help improve your site’s SEO and generate more traffic. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. 

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