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Randy Sutt

Billing, payroll, problem solver, former part-time pizza mogul, expert babysitter… is there anything Randy can’t do? An engineer stuck in an artists world, Randy has been a supporter of Rock Paper Scissors since the day his wife, Cindy, decided she wanted to start her own business. Fast forward a few years and Randy left the ever exciting world of nuclear engineering to become our pre-press and printing guru. These days, Randy is still our biggest cheerleader and also manages all things numbers and billing… he will track you down, even if it means calling your mom! He’s also our team dad, knows everything about hockey, loves singing and telling stories, cars, makes the best shortbread you’ll ever eat (and no we won’t share the recipe!), and has the fastest 5K time in the office. Of course, we all know his favorite title is Grandpa to Imogen.

Upon retiring from a career in nuclear engineering in the 1990s, Randy Sutt started ARC Digital Imagers alongside CynDesign in the Sutt family home. His new venture complimented the design firm by pre-pressing and printing much of the materials CynDesign produced. In the late 1990s, as pre-press needs were fading and creative needs were on the rise, Randy and Cindy merged ARC Digital Imagers and CynDesign to form Rock Paper Scissors and Randy took on the role of Finance Director, making sure our company is staying on course and that our office is always in top condition.

Randy’s engineering background affords us with his strong analytical skills. He is always looking at where we are and where we want to go next. He also gives the team more depth by offering a more technical perspective on our projects and processes. Randy was an integral part of our move into our current studio space.

Randy also serves as our social butterfly and can often be found out in the community as one of our ambassadors. He keeps the company on a positive keel and always has a fun story to share with the team.

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