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Hugh Thompson

We initially hired Hugh to clean out our warehouse office in Duluth in preparation for our big move to Lawrenceville, but once we realized what a tech genius he is, we decided to keep him around. In addition to his ability to fix any problem related to your MacBook (the jury is still out on whether Hugh is actually Steve Jobs), phone, or WordPress, he is basically a walking dictionary, knowledgeable in the most random facts, and is fluent in sarcasm and all things Star Wars. Most recently, Hugh was promoted to RPS Strength Club Drill Sergeant and helps balance out all the running we do by leading us in kettlebell strength training workouts that leave us unable to move for days.

Hugh Thompson is our Technology Director. His focus is on finding the best options for integrating web technologies into our clients’ applications. Hugh is an exceptional troubleshooter and is thorough when finding the best answer to our clients’ technical challenges. He is a gifted communicator and works well with all our clients.

Hugh is also responsible for new technology research and implementation for the Rock Paper Scissors Team and our clients. Hugh is the manager of our local network and production-level web hosting and customer service and has played a major role in the development of several websites for our clients. He is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, PHP, Linux shell scripting, MySQL, WordPress, and Linux web server administration.

In addition, Hugh is actively involved with WP Gwinnett and helps host the monthly meet up here at the RPS office.

Hugh lives in Gwinnett County with his wife, daughter, and two dogs. Together, they enjoy spending time by the lake, hiking, traveling and running 5Ks with the RPS team. Hugh is also a StrongFirst kettlebell instructor (SFGI).


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