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Posted 06 Oct 2016

We Had a Blast at the RPS 30th Birthday Bash!

The RPS 30th birthday bash was a blast! A great time was had by all as we commemorated 30 years in business with our clients, vendors, and friends. We are grateful to everyone that was able to join us and especially enjoyed hearing your memories of RPS!

Here’s a look back at our big night, as well as some thoughts from Amanda as we look to the future.

As many of you know, I was only going to work for the family business for a year after I graduated college, but eleven years later, I have had the privilege to step in and take the reigns. Thirty years may seem like a long time, but it has flown by. It is made up of moments, people, and projects that we put our heart and soul into. We live in the moment when we are creating so this is how we lose track of time, which makes taking the time to celebrate that much more important to realize how far we have come. It is like hiking a mountain; you get to the top one step at a time, and when you get to the top you can just keep on hiking, or you can look around take it all in. On Friday, September 30th, we chose to take it all in.

I was “hiking” to the summit that Friday when I was picking up balloons for the party. I was waiting for the florist to wrap up when the summit came into view for me and I realized what it means to have a family business for this long. It made me so grateful for what my mom set out to do with this business. I also realized how brave she was to do this, even though she would have never thought of it as brave. It was just what she had to do.

It takes a combination of a lot of hard work, trust, and a little luck to make it to 30, and more of the same to make it to the next 30. So today we look at our pictures from the summit to remember how far we have come and start on our next climb. Thank you all for being a part of our journey so far and we look forward to many new adventures yet to come.

Once again, thanks to everyone that came out to celebrate our 30th birthday! Here’s to the next 30 years!

Posted 05 Mar 2015

Celebrating Cindy

She was beautiful. She was poised. She was full of life.

Cindy’s vision was steadfast and she took the kind of leaps of faith that we all talk about doing. She was marvelous in her leadership, tender in her teaching and generous with her time. She was forever intent on being in the people business. If you knew her, you surely have the greatest memories and if you’re like me and late in my arrival, you feel like you know her and listen intently to the stories of those who did.

Twenty-nine years ago Cindy Sutt started a little basement design business, CynDesign, to give herself the financial freedom to stay home with her baby, Amanda, and do what she loved. She was creative, and full of talents. As the company grew, which it most certainly did, and was reshaped to be Rock Paper Scissors, she had her hands in all kinds of pots and gave herself endlessly to the best kinds of causes. She lived graciously and generously and found that the key to being grateful was focusing on the good. Always on the good.

Upon her diagnosis of cancer in 2013, she never forgot to be grateful. No, Cindy saw it as an opportunity to enjoy life all the more. She went Braves games, live TedTalks, heard the Dalai Lama speak when he came to Duluth, and still rang the bell for the Salvation Army at Christmas. Even as she lost her hair and her physical strength seemed to be running on empty, it was just that – still running.

On March 19, 2014, she left as gracefully as she came.

We still make calls in ‘Cindy’s office’ and discover long lost files that we thought were gone forever, but of course, she would have known exactly where to find. Her art covers the walls at Rock Paper Scissors and she’s in our conversations constantly.

She lived a life worth celebrating, and the rest of us here at RPS try to do that very thing daily. Cindy left behind joy and the reminder to do things for the sake of doing them, to live life with purpose, and do everything while always, always focusing on the good. We celebrate what she started, the road she paved for us, and the map she left as we keep moving forward.

Cheers to you, Cindy Sutt. You inspire us everyday.


Posted 11 Feb 2015

Client love

Happy Valentines Day to the best clients on the planet!

We are so thankful for you and that through our partnership with you we get to do what we love every single day. Projects and deadlines are all the more enjoyable because we get to help you accomplish something big for your company, your brand, and your purpose. We send our biggest Valentine love to you and hope that today is filled with giant chocolate hearts and sweet red wine.

<3 RockPaperScissors

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